Randi Samuels
Jewelry Artist and Instructor
Portfolio  - Samples of different techniques

Heavy Wire Links

This design uses a variety of differently colored and shaped stones with heavy gauge wire to create a bold bracelet

Hammered Copper

This great look was achieved by hammering, antiquing, and shaping copper discs. Using silver tube rivets in the bottom disc provides a great mixed metal visual interest.

Woven Wire Bail

Sometimes less is more! A unique woven wire bail pairs up with silver spirals to ensure that the focus on this pendant is on the beautiful single bead.

Silver Coiled Pendant

Nothing but silver.... using thin wire coiled around a heavier wire frame, this is a piece of jewelry that goes with everything, and always gets attention.

Mixed Metal, Mixed Techniques

A beautiful mixed metal pendant, created with an etched copper piece which has been soldered onto a silver base.

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