Randi Samuels
Jewelry Artist and Instructor
About the Artist, About the Jewelry...

Randi Samuels   I unexpectedly entered “early retirement” after getting laid off from my corporate job, and decided to make a life change by becoming a full time jewelry designer and instructor.

I am drawn to the warmth and flow of metals, and my jewelry often reflects patterns and organic elements inspired by nature and different cultures. I create one-of-a-kind pieces, incorporating mixed metals with stone accents in a variety of techniques to achieve a unique look.  Although I use both soldered techniques and cold connections in my fabrication, I especially like cold connections, and often incorporate rivets as part of my design. I like to focus on the treatment of the metal – textured, etched, antiqued, and shaped – the malleability of metal encourages me to experiment and expand.  My style leans toward making casual, everyday jewelry into pieces of art that bring pleasure whenever worn.

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